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Friday 17 December, 2004 @ 12.22am

Today was perfectly perfect in every way!

It was clear, blue skies with but a whisper of cloud ..
It was exploring and discovering little gems of shops ..
It was a hot, sweet caramelatte ..
It was walking dante around the oval, playing kong until we were puffed and then lying in the middle of said oval on a particularly lush green patch of grass and watching the airplane skywriter thingo .. singing madonna songs and having the dante take running, FLYING leaps at my head in order to stop aforementioned singing ..
It was getting bits and pieces of housework done at a leisurely pace and revelling in the tidiness of it all ..
It was talking to the one i love for a few hours, giggling and sighing and dreaming and smiling and talking and talking and talking ..
It was working out at the gym, sweating until my shirt was soaked and afterwards, as a reward, lying back in the massaging chair and luxuriating in the vibrations, rolling, kneading and taps ..
It was meeting a lovely soul - Mary - and discovering something i will act upon in the future ..
It was playing a great game of scrabble with the Kaffmonster ..

Considering i'd say this day was great if i were only able to score one or two of these things, i'm calling it One of Those Fabulous Days. And thanking the powers that be for that.

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